Development concept

With the aim of further renewing and developing the Fliegerhorstsiedlung, the city of Geilenkirchen received funding for urban development in 2014 in order to work out an integrated development concept for the neighbourhood.

Within the development concept, development goals and measures were developed to improve and strengthen the neighbourhood as a renewal area in the long term.

When planning and implementing any measures or projects, the city of Geilenkirchen is also dependent on the ideas and suggestions of residents and looks forward to your participation.

Goals of the future development

  •  Conservation of the green, spacious and homogeneous neighbourhood image
  •  Creation of a 'new centre' for the neighbourhood
  •  Redesign and structuring of public green spaces
  •  Increasing balance between the neighbourhood areas
  •  Renovation and rebuild of existing buildings
  •  Maintenance / repair of infrastructure
  •  Improving the utilisation of public infrastructure

Projects within the development concept

  •  Creation of a 'new centre' on Lilienthalallee, including a bus stop
  •  Modernizing the playground in the West of the neighbourhood
  •  Development of the central green area into a neighbourhood park (awaiting approval)
  •  Renovation of roads and sewer system
  •  Design guidelines for private redevelopment projects

Information and funding opportunities for private individuals

  •  Yard and facade program
  •  „Siedlungsgeld“
  •  „Quartiersmanagement“ as point of contact or residents

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The project is funded by: